Tuesday, December 24, 2013

70 Years of Memories for Diamond Jim Brady!

My Pop turned 70 on Sunday and we headed to Eugene for a family celebration.

It's hard to know what to get someone who is 70.  My Dad's made it clear that he has all the riches that any man could ever want (aside from winning the lottery) so I searched my soul to try and find some sort of fitting gift (oh let's face it....I stared with Pinterest)!

I came across a wonderful birthday idea called 60 years of Memories.  I immediately thought that it was a beautiful idea and I decided to borrow (steal) it for my own, but since my Dad would be 70, I'd have 10 more years of memories!

Everyone I mentioned the project to thought that it was a wonderful birthday treat, especially for someone as special as my Pop.

The hardest part was putting the list together and finding the e-mail and mailing addresses of friends and family (without being too suspicious).  A big thank you to Chick and Rosemary for helping me.

About 6 weeks ago, I began sending out the e-mails and letters and slowly the responses started coming in. I took the advice of others who have also put the project together and sent a reminder e-mail about three weeks from his birthday.

It was fun to see all the memories come pouring in from friends, ex-co workers, cousins and old neighbors.

We gathered all the memories together and I stuffed them into 70 vintage envelopes (Etsy), wrapped them in colored ribbon (Michaels) and added a cute label (Martha Stewart...eat your heart out).

Then, last Sunday morning, we shared a wonderful brunch, served up some mimosas and presented the 70 year-old birthday boy with his memories.

It took hours to get through all the letters!  Some of the stories made us belly laugh and some made us cry, but we all really enjoyed the outpouring of love and emotions.