Sunday, September 8, 2013

Maui 2013: Our Arrival!

Some things never change......

The feeling that we get when we step off the plane in Maui was phenomenal and our weather was beautiful but humid and hot!

Welcome to Maui in September!

Windmills over West Maui Mountains

We arrived last Saturday afternoon after a wonderful flight on Hawaiian Airlines from Seattle and made a beeline for Lahaina Coolers (our condo typically isn't ready for check in until 4PM).

Lahaina Coolers - Our favorite place on Maui!

The same cast of characters and regulars are seated at the bar when we arrive and most recognize us a Coolers regulars (which always puts a smile on our faces).

The wine and beer is cold, the place is full of locals, college football is on every TV (except for one that shows nothing but surfing) and the chef has made Kahlua pork tacos as if he knew I was arriving today.

We were so two little kids as we drive the Honoapiilani highway up to Kahana.  This is the road that I travel in my dreams, it is my "counting sheep" road and I have tried over the years to memorize it by heart.  The blue/teal waters that lap at the shore, the ruddy colored old road that appears etched into the lower slopes of the west Maui mountains.  It's like heaven to me!

Big changes at the Valley Isle Condo.  If you recall, just one year ago, the condo was damaged by fire.

The view of the clean up from fire damage; the blue circle is where the whale fountain used to be

The place is a super mess and really torn up (in fact they credited my parents 36 time share points on account of the noise and mess).  The front entrance is gone and missing is the wonderful humpback whale fountain that greeted us for years. They have done little as far as remodel except remove the burned out section of building.  The ladies in the office are optimistic that now that the clean up is over, some movement will begin on the remodel.

We love our ocean-view room on the 10th floor, decorated with all the comforts we will need for the next week.

It never takes us long to get settled in, with out butts firmly planted in the sand, we watch the sun dip below the ocean with a glass of wine in our hands!

Our first sunset was spectacular with just enough clouds to bring out the deep oranges and light pinks.

Tradition dictates that we grill up some steaks our first night, sip a few glasses of wine and finish up the evening with a bowl of ice cream while watching the stars begin to shine.

Welcome to Paradise, indeed!