Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What Does Your Garden Grow: First Planting

With an unusual stretch of great weather at the end of April, I cautiously began my first planting.

I say first planting because if our weather turns wet and cool (again), my little plants are toast!

With the extra garden box, I also decided to stagger my plants a bit so that we have a harvest bounty in stages rather than all at once (but who am I kidding).

Most of my plants say things will be ready between 50-75 days, but this is OREGON, gardeners!!  I'll be lucky to be picking tomatoes in late August!

Here is what is in the ground.......

Cilantro (last year's rosemary and thyme wintered over so I've got a great herb plot going)
Cherry Tomato
Early Girl Tomato
Yellow Crooked Neck Squash

People have been telling me that I planted my tomatoes a bit early, but I am optimistic that our weather will hold for 10 days to get the root system going.

Last year's yellow squash was disappointing, but I would like to try again.  I've amended the soil a bit so I think I have enough of the nutrients that it craves.

I'll wait until June to get my basil going (typically my first planting dies from cold nights) and I am also thinking of adding some carrots since I had some good luck last year with those.

So far....so good!