Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pizza Pizza!

A few weeks ago, we tried one of Portland's best pizza places, Apizza Scholls.

Voted year after year as the most perfect pie in Portland, Apizza scholls, is described as classic New York Style pizza. 

Owner Brian Spangler, had an epiphany on a pizza eating trip to New York.  He noticed each NYC pizzeria he visited had its own spin, but the common theme was to keep it simple and back it hot and fast.  He bought a monster double decker electric oven (still in use today) and set to work on creating the prototype for the pizza that has people lined up each day at the restaurant's home since 2005: two storefronts on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard.

In all honesty, New York Style pizza just isn't my thing, but Brian and our friends raved about the pies. 

If you go....take your patience and your wallet.  Weekends are super super busy (we waited 30-45 minutes on a Wednesday night).   Pies range from plain ($19) to more gourmet ($25).  Pies are huge....brings friends (we split 2 pies between 4 people and each had a doggie bag to take home)!