Saturday, July 9, 2011

How Well Does Your Garden Grow: Two Month Check-in

When do you know it's time to harvest?

My little beets have been in the ground growing since May 5th. The tag says 45 days, but the tops took so very long to begin growing I thought I would leave them in the ground for a few weeks longer. I planted 6 and lost 2.

Our flowers are finally taking off

In addition, I harvested a head of lettuce last week (made a yummy salad). You know what? I didn't plant any lettuce. How did this beautiful head appear in my garden? By hitched a ride on a spinach plant and grew on it's own. Glorious! The spinach on the other hand was a disaster.

I also planted big leaf basil, spicy globe basil and chives on June 29th. Herbs are easy to harvest.

I'll keep you posted on the beets.