Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random February Photos


Sorry for the lack of adventures the past couple of weeks. Not much noteworthy to photograph, but we are sure keeping busy.

Here is a rundown of our February and some of the things that have been keeping us on our toes this final month of winter.

Edmonds, WA

A great visit with Brian's brother, Ken over Super Bowl Weekend. Lots of good food, wine, music and laughs.

A finished pink toy box complete with fun animal and nature stickers for an adorable almost 2 1/2 year old. The toy box will stay in W. Seattle where she can keep some toys to play with when she visits.
Lots of studying for me, hence the lack of adventures this month (my last and very last securities exam). Sammy is learning a lot too and insists on helping me tackle the material in his own cute way.

The first mow of the season on a glorious sunny weekend. We now are ready to tackle the moss issues and plant some primroses, although snow is forecast for later in the week. Oh boy!

Heart decorations, paperwhite bulbs and a wonderful Malbec (thanks, Ken) to help celebrate Valentine's Day. Those decorations have been replaced with a wee bit of Irish flare, just in time for March and St. Patty's Day (our forced bulbs are just about ready to bloom too).