Friday, October 15, 2010

Old Photo Friday: Prom Memories!

WHO: Stacy and Jef Robertson
WHAT: Prom Night
WHERE: Living Room on E Street
WHEN: April 1987
WHY: I am still asking myself this question some 25+ years later!!!

I begged Jef for days to not spike his hair up for Prom, but that was just Jef's style (and it was the 80's). He was a good friend (not a boyfriend) and I asked him to my senior prom (not the other way around).

Sandra and I drove all over Portland trying to find a dress that was cool (since Eugene/Springfield offered so little). How we managed to buy that pink, lacey creation (to this day we still laugh about it) I'll never know. I guess I thought I was Molly Ringwald?!

Enjoy (the laugh)!