Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas......

Last night was our first Christmas celebration at Rebecca Lane......

A little sparkling wine....we love the Barefoot Bubbly and a wonderful steak and lobster dinner.

Of course......

Stacy's List
Potato/French Fry slicer
New OXO Garlic Press
Christmas Tree Pandora Charm
Christmas PJ's from Macy's
Monogrammed and Jeweled Wine Glass (with a big "S" on it)
Grocery List Organizer (can't wait to use this)

Sandra's List
Fitlosphy Get Fit Book
Wrist Wallet
Michael Jackson DVD video collection
Monogrammed Coffee Cup (I guess we are into that this year)
Earrings from Kohl's

We are very lucky girls!