Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On The Mend

What started off as a normal Saturday (mowing the lawn followed by a bon voyage/pre-birthday dinner at home with family) ended with a trip to the ER.

Brian's not much of a complainer, but after suffering for three hours with stomach pains, we finally decided to head to Swedish Hospital to see what was going on.

After 5 hours in the ER....Cat scan, surgeon consult, and general poking and prodding - they informed us that Brian's appendix had to come out.

It's a very easy procedure these days. Newer techniques for removing the appendix involve the use of the laparoscope which is a thin telescope attached to a video camera that allows the surgeon to inspect the inside of the abdomen through a small puncture wound....make that THREE puncture wounds (instead of a larger incision). The appendix can be removed with special instruments that can be passed into the abdomen, just like the laparoscope, through small puncture wounds (or in his case....out through the belly button). The benefits of the laparoscopic technique include less post-operative pain (since much of the post-surgery pain comes from incisions) and a speedier recovery. He had surgery at 6:30 AM on Easter Sunday was was home within 12 hours.

I was able to stay an extra day and get him home....where he is resting and feeling much better. Sammy is right by his side and is helping aid in his recovery.