Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Evening in Canby

I finally got to take Brian down to Canby for a BBQ at the Hygelund's last night.
Brian "snapping" beans and helping with the farmhouse dinner
Debi's famous farm fresh veggie ragu
Since Brian is rarely in town during the week and our weekends are so chaotic, it was a real treat to take him to Canby and show him the farm.

Debbie's garden is incredible.

Her flowers are always so beautiful. She mentioned the cold weather early in the season has made it hard for some of her flowers to take off. Everything still looked wonderful. Brian was really impressed.

They still have the chicken coop! And I brought home a dozen fresh farm eggs!

The weather was pleasant.
Noel Hygelund - 12 (13 in September)

Life on the farm is good!