Thursday, May 24, 2007


Wednesday, April 25th -

No trip to Newark, DE would be complete without a beer and some nachos at the Deer Park Tavern. It’s located in downtown Newark and was built in 1851 on the land where the remains of the burned down St. Patrick's Inn had resided since 1747.
The St. Patrick’s Inn was said to house famous historical figures such as George Washington and Edgar Allan Poe.

In 1764, Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon stayed at the inn with their team of surveyors. A folk account of their stay says that they were a jolly bunch who kept a tame bear for amusement and consumed large portions of peach and apricot brandy. The Mason-Dixon Line was the boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland, which became famous as the line of demarcation between free and slave states.
On December 23, 1843, Edgar Allan Poe lectured at the Academy and visited the inn. As he was attempting to emerge from his carriage at the inn, he was reputed to have fallen in the mud and was so upset that he put a curse on the building.
The first railroad line built through Newark in 1869 is close to the building, and helped to escalate the hotel’s popularity. At this time, The Deer Park was considered one of the finest hotels on the east coast. Much history surrounds the Deer Park including rumors that the basement was used as part of the Underground Railroad during the Civil War.
Brian, Kerry and I had a few beers and a huge plate of nachos (although I think Brian’s Deer Park “homemade” nachos are much better).