Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Party

Brian and I had a great time at the Russell Christmas Party on Saturday night held at the Boeing Museum of Flight. Don't we look great all dressed up!

We estimated that there were about 1,000 employees and partners at the event on Saturday night and it was nice to meet some of the people that Brian's been working with for the past 90 days.

We had access to the entire Flight Museum, including the historic Red Barn, the birthplace of the Boeing Company. The Museum of Flight opened its first wing on Boeing Field in 1983 in the historic "Red Barn," the company's original manufacturing plant. Built in 1909, the Red Barn was donated to The Museum of Flight by the Port of Seattle in 1975 and moved to its present location at Boeing Field/King County International Airport that same year.

The main event was held in the "Great Gallery", which is a 3 million-cubic-foot, six-story glass-and-steel exhibit hall currently containing 39 full-size historic aircraft, 23 of which, including the nine-ton Douglas DC-3, hang from the space-frame ceiling. The hanging aircraft trace the history of the first century of flight. Pretty Cool!

They had flight simulators you could check out, but to be honest it looked rather nauseating (the things moved up/down and sideways). So for those of us who preferred to keep their feet on the ground they had blackjack, craps and one lone roulette table crammed into the back corner. They gave us one orange chip each, valued at $50,000 and it was fun to "pretend" we were high rollers!

They set up two buffet areas with everything from chicken satays to sliced roast beef, cheese, pasta salads and three different kinds of hummus dip with pita bread. I made Brian stuff a few thumbprint jam cookies into his pockets for the car ride home!

It was a really neat event and I felt like a Princess all dressed up in my new cocktail attire (Brian looked pretty sharp in his new jacket). Aside from the really bad disco band, the evening was wonderful!