Thursday, December 28, 2006


Brian and I had a wonderful Christmas in Tacoma this year. We had good weather the days before Christmas and enjoyed a day in downtown Seattle, an afternoon exploring Edmonds and a wonderful and relaxing Christmas Eve at home. Brian made two yummy quiches (broccoli-cheddar and Lorraine) and we sipped on baileys Irish Cream and listened to Christmas music on Christmas Eve. I managed to stay awake long enough to watch the 1938 version on "A Christmas Carol" (someone else was sleeping) before visions of sugarplums danced in my head!
Christmas Morning was a present FRENZY! Santa spoiled both of us. Brian received a gift certificate from Santa himself for a new bike along with a historical book on baseball that included a DVD, a brass rain gauge and a long sleeved T-shirt from his Alma Mater, Mesa State.

Santa brought Stacy the gift she's been asking for since July, an ice cream maker along with the most comfortable bathrobe she's ever put on and Seattle Mariner's socks, an M's gift card and a pair of beautiful pearl earrings.

We both hope Santa brought all of you a relaxing day spent with the ones you love!